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Warrior Chosen as 'The Best Protein Bars In Australia'

Warrior Chosen as 'The Best Protein Bars In Australia'

Warrior has been ranked as Australia’s best protein bars! In a recent article, Australian Business News placed Warrior Protein Bars as number one of the top protein bars in Australia. 

Warrior offers a huge range of protein bars, each with 20 grams of protein and low sugar content! Our selection of protein bars are packed with flavour to give you a delicious snack to squash your cravings and help you lose weight or build muscle. 

Our Raw bars are deliciously flavoured flapjacks and our Crunch bars have satisfying crunch with the flavour of a chocolate bar! Australian Business News featured Crunch Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Raw Honey Berry as their favourite Warrior Protein Bars! Both Crunch and Raw are the perfect protein snack and are ‘a meal in a bar’, as described by Australian Business News.

Thank you Australian Business News for ranking Warrior as the best protein bar in Australia! Read the full article here: https://australiabusinessnews.com.au/lifestyle/top-5-protein-bars-in-australia/
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