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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions. We recommend that you carefully read and consider the content on this page before committing to your order.

When you place an order with us, you are agreeing to follow and be bound by them. These terms and conditions will apply to all orders you place with us.


Calelle Enterprises Pty Ltd, sole Australian distributor of Warrior Products, is registered in Australia. Registered address P.O. Box 92, St Peters, NSW 2044 Australia. ABN 58 643 929 873


Products and services offered and sold on this website are mainly intended for Australian residents.

Orders may be accepted for customers outside of the Australia; any such orders will be subject to our returns and delivery policies for those locations.


  • "You" or "Your" means the person named in the order to whom we are supplying the goods
  • "We", "Us" or "Our" means Warrior
  • "Order" means your order for the goods
  • "Goods" means all products listed in your order
  • "Delivery" means the delivery of the goods to the delivery address specified in the order


We will send you an automatic email confirmation of your order. Your order will be considered as having been accepted if we have not had a response, or notification, from you following within 24 hours of the confirmation being sent.

Each order you make with us is considered to be a separate legally binding contract. This contract will only apply to the products detailed and confirmed in your order confirmation email. If your order contains multiple products, each with a separate order confirmation email. Some products from your order may be subject to separate order confirmation emails. In these instances, we would not be obliged to supply or deliver the named products until the relevant order confirmation emails have been sent.

An order confirmation email does not necessarily mean that the order will be fulfilled or that an order is valid. To qualify, the following order conditions must be met:
No more than one promotion per order.
Orders must be paid for by the given payment gateways


All product descriptions on our site are correct at the time of publication. As we update and develop products, any product specification or description may change without prior notice.

Colours shown on the website are represented as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the device or monitor you use to navigate our site displays the colours of our products accurately. As such, the colours of any delivered product may vary slightly from those images.

Although we have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, manufacturing tolerances or changes can cause variation to the details shown on the site. Measurements indicated including dimensions, piping colours, material colours and patterns shown on our site may vary. Images shown on the site are for illustrative purposes only.

It is your responsibility to check that all the details on the order form are correct, including the exact specifications of the Products and delivery details.

All products sold on this website are solely for domestic use in Australia. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree that Warrior is in no way responsible for any commercial or non-domestic use of our products and as such you have no rights to cancel this purchase if purchasing for these uses.


Responsibility for and ownership of the goods passes to you once they are delivered or collected.


Our guarantee covers normal domestic home use only. Defects relating to any of the following reasons will not be covered:

  • fair wear and tear
  • wilful damage
  • accident, negligence by you
  • commercial use
  • rusting, corrosion caused by weather or water exposure
  • fire or smoke damage
  • alterations or repairs not authorised by Warrior
  • failure to follow our written instructions regarding care of the Goods, or any alteration or repair to the Goods which you carry out without our prior written approval.

We guarantee that for the duration of the product’s lifetime, starting from the delivery date, the Goods will:

  • be free from material defects in design, material and workmanship
  • be of satisfactory quality
  • be fit for the purpose for which they are designed and supplied
  • comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for selling the Goods in Australia

If you inform us that the Goods have breached the guarantee, we will arrange the goods to be inspected and the breach verified. If we deem that the Goods have not breached the Guarantee, we will decline any further action and will provide you with the full details behind our decision. You will have direct access to any reports completed by the inspection specialist.

Should you prefer to use an inspection service of your choice, this must be done at your cost. Any inspection service used must be a recognised, independent specialist and we must agree in writing to them carrying out the inspection.

If the Goods are found to have breached the Guarantee, we will follow a fair and fast process. We will either repair or replace the Goods free of charge or provide a full refund of the price paid by you. We will do our best to agree with whichever remedy you would find most appropriate.

Your repaired or replacement Goods will also then be subject to the Guarantee.


If Warrior is unable to perform our obligations to fulfil your order due to events outside our reasonable control, we will not be liable or responsible. These include (without limitation) the following:

  • delays caused by suppliers
  • delays caused by delivery or fulfilment partners
  • strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action
  • unavailability of shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport
  • unavailability of public or private telecommunications networks
  • fire, explosion, storm, flood, snow or other natural disaster
  • Closure of business due to state or federal health orders

Our obligations under these terms and conditions are suspended for the period that such events continue, and we will have an extension of time to perform these obligations for the duration of that period.


We do not accept any responsibility for damage to your property during delivery other than damage due to our negligence when our liability is limited to your direct costs to repair that damage.

Our total liability in connection with or arising from the order, whether in negligence or otherwise, shall be limited to the value of the goods. We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses, costs or expenses in connection with or arising out of the order.

Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limits liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or any other liability which may not otherwise be limited or excluded under applicable law.

Should any part of our terms and conditions be found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining terms and conditions will not be affected.


All policy disputes regarding these terms and conditions will need to be emailed to info@teamwarrior.com.au. We aim to respond to all policy disputes within seven working days.


Warrior retains the right to investigate any order placed on our website. will also reserve the right to not deliver any such order until it is proven that the order is not fraudulent. Monies will be refunded to the original payment card used and the order will be cancelled if we are not able to prove that the order was not fraudulent or if we were unable to contact the relevant customer.

We will validate your details for your protection, to ensure your credit, debit or charge card is not being used fraudulently. This validation will include your name, address and other personal information supplied by you during the ordering process against appropriate third-party databases.

By accepting our terms and conditions you consent to these checks being made. In performing these checks, personal information you have provided may be disclosed to a registered Credit Reference Agency which may keep a record of that information. Please be assured that this is only done to confirm your identity.

We will never conduct a credit check and as such your credit rating will not be affected. All information provided by you will be treated securely and strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Australia law. Disputes arising shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.


For questions, requests to change your details, including delivery address, amend your order(s), requests for refunds and any other queries, please contact us at info@teamwarrior.com.au.


The data controller for your information is Calelle Enterprises Pty Ltd registered office address is: P.O. Box 92, St Peters, NSW 2044 Australia. ABN 58 643 929 873

As a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 (the “Act”), we will comply with the statutory requirements to keep your personal data confidential and secure. We confirm that we are fully compliant with the Act.

Your information will be used to process and fulfil your order and/or in accordance with our guarantee. We will need to disclose your personal data to selected third parties in order to meet these requirements.


Warrior warrants that it complies with all Applicable Laws, including all necessary licences and consents relating to its business activities, all laws related to health and safety, human rights, privacy.


We reserve the right at any time to withdraw promotional offers if we feel necessary. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Australian law. Disputes arising shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.